Best 16 Gyms in Scottsdale (Unbiased Review)

For most people, getting in shape isn’t easy. There are just way too many obstacles, challenges, and setbacks along the fitness journey for it to be enjoyable. That’s why things like a support system, an encouraging community, and an accountability buddy (or buddies) are so important. They’re external factors that can help keep you on-track when the going gets just a little too tough.

If you’re on a fitness journey yourself (even if you’ve just started) in good old Scottsdale, AZ, you’re in luck; there are plenty of incredible gyms, fitness centers, and workout studios to be found. For this article, we’ve narrowed it down to the 17 best fitness gyms in Scottsdale.

Keep reading to find your new fitness fam or go-to health home today!

1. Off The Grid Fitness

Off The Grid Fitness stands out as Arizona’s first green gyms in Scottsdale. This eco-friendly fitness center in Scottsdale uses a mix of self-powered cardio machines and machines that return energy back to the “grid.” In fact, one of their most popular pieces is a self-powered treadmill (called The Curve) that gets users to burn more calories per use compared to a regular treadmill.

Basically, when you use Off The Grid Fitness equipment, you’re actually producing positive energy that can be reused. This waste-free (or less waste) scenario is definitely worth looking into—especially if you’re environmentally conscious and worried about your ecological footprint!

Off The Grid Fitness has made it their mission to set up a center that is both good for people’s bodies and good for the environment. They provide unprecedented professional training, comprehensive nutritional counseling, and an “environmentally-focused” green facility. If you want to get fit while fighting for a cause, drop by N. Scottsdale Rd in Scottsdale, Arizona and check one of the most eco-friendly gyms in Scottsdale!


  1. Classes:
    • Spin/Indoor Cycling
    • TRX Suspension Trainer
    • Boot Camp
    • HIIT
  2. Independent Trainers
  3. Health & Fitness Tools:
    • BMI Calculator
    • Waist-Hip Ratio Calculator
    • Calorie Calculator
    • Weight Chart


  • Open gym space
  • State-of-the-art gym equipment, including:
    • Elliptical
    • Indoor cycling bikes
    • Woodway treadmills
    • Weights
  • Lock Rooms/Showers

Membership Plans:

  • Month-to-Month No Contract Unlimited Classes
  • Month-to-Month No Contract Snow Bird Special
  • Month-to-Month No Class Access

2. Glory Gains Gym

Glory Gains Gym Scottsdale Gym

Despite being one of the fairly new gyms in Scottsdale (having just opened in 2017), Glory Gains Gym is on a pretty intense—and pretty respectable—mission to be “the best fitness facility in the valley to independent trainers and their clientele.” They started out with little more than four trainers, 100 members, and a pretty solid work ethic as a small, tightly-knit group. In less than a year, they quadrupled their numbers—and then some. 

Glory Gains Gym now has over 20 trainers and 700 members, and they don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

Unlike other gyms in Scottsdale, Glory Gains is focused on compassion. They want their members to leverage motivation and camaraderie to attain their fitness goals, and they make sure their atmosphere sufficiently embodies that. As they state in their vision, they want people to consider Glory Gains Gym their second home. As for their mission, they simply want to impress upon the community that everything they achieve and gain, they give the glory of it back to God.

(Don’t worry; you don’t have to share their faith to be a part of this fitness center in scottsdale . They value inclusivity).


  1. Gym Equipment
  2. Personal Trainers
  3. Group Training
  4. Customized Meal Plan
  5. Weight Loss Plans
  6. Strength Training Plans


  • 11,000 sq. feet of Dedicated Gym/Fitness Space
  • 45-yard Turf Field
  • Strength Training Equipment, including:
    • Freemotion Equipment
    • Hammer Strength Equipment
    • Misc. Weights
  • Cardio Equipment, including:
    • Stair Masters
    • Treadmills
    • Ellipticals
    • Rowers
  • Individual & Group Training Spaces

Membership Plans:

  • Membership with Trainer (per-month basis)
  • Membership without Trainer (per-month basis)

3. Pulse Fitness

Pulse Fitness Scottsdale Gym

Voted the #1 Training Facility in Scottsdale, Pulse Fitness takes a very straightforward, no-excuses, no-holds-barred approach to fitness and coaching. They want to “train the athlete in you” by utilizing full Functional Training as the backbone of their customizable coaching programs—of which they have quite a bit!

Functional Training is basically a training method that allows people to adjust their movement patterns in line with their bodies’ capabilities. This way, risk of injury is minimized without compromising workout effectiveness. With this approach, Pulse Fitness hopes that their clientele learn how to utilize comfortable, consistent movement for health.

Centered on the ideals of Health, Fitness, and Athletics, Pulse Fitness strives to change the fitness landscape. Their goal is to get more people to accept Functional Training as a valid and sustainable method to achieving total fitness. They present themselves as a safe, optimal environment that nurtures community, encourages natural movement, and avoids fixed plane training.


  1. Personal Training
    • Nutrition
    • Complimentary Consultation
    • Customized Program
    • One-on-one Coaching
  2. Team Training
    • Cardiovascular Training
    • Endurance Training
    • Strength Training
    • Complimentary Consultation
    • Customized Program


  • State-of-the-art Gym Space
  • Indoor Turf
  • State-of-the-art Equipment, including:
    • Weights
    • Sled Pulls
    • Cardio Machines
  • Massage & Rehab Center
  • Smoothie & Nutrition Bar
  • Private Consultation Zone

Membership Plans:

Unlimited Sessions/Training for $350

4. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness Scottsdale Gym

Anytime Fitness is so-named because members have full access to the gym facilities at all times. Day, night, weekdays, weekends—whatever the schedule, Anytime Fitness is open to serve. 

Yes, really. 

So if the only free time you have for working out is 2 or 3 in the morning, this could be a fitness center in Scottsdale for you.

Open With over 4,700 branches worldwide, this is arguably the most convenient fitness gyms in Scottsdale. Aside from 24/7 access to all amenities, members also get a personalized Get Started Plan when they sign up with Anytime Fitness. They aim to foster an open, supportive community by giving people the tools they need regardless of where they are on their health and fitness journey. 

This franchise’s casual and community-driven approach to getting in shape is definitely ideal for people who are looking for external accountability and unconditional encouragement. If you’re looking for convenience and community, we recommend giving Anytime Fitness a try.


  1. 24-hour access (+ security & parking)
  2. Access to all Anytime Fitness facilities
  3. Health Plans
  4. Wellness Programs
  5. Get Started Plan
  6. Classes:
    • Spinning Cycle
    • Zumba
    • Cardio
    • Body Conditioning
    • Yoga


  • State-of-the-art Gym Facilities, including:
    • Private Restrooms + Showers
    • Cardio TVs
    • HDTVs
  • State-of-the-art gym equipment, including:
    • Treadmills
    • Ellipticals
    • Stair Climbers
    • Racks
    • Synergy 360 Systems
    • Kettlebells
    • Lateral x Trainers

Membership Plans:

  1. Pricing and Membership Options vary depending on location.
  2. Club Dues, Monthly Fees, and Additional Charges vary depending on location.
  3. 6,12, and 18-Month Options Available, depending on location.

5. Maximum Fitness

This state-of-the-art gym takes a more personalized, body-conscious approach to fitness, promising “no pressure—just results.” Located in Scottsdale Airpark, Maximum Fitness began operation 2002. Their goal was to provide a safe space where people could work out—and work on themselves—comfortably and without fear of judgment or criticism. 

A “neighborhood gym” with a personal, welcoming feel to it, Maximum Fitness takes pride in putting their members first. The staff and training personnel take the time to get to know their members beyond just their fitness journey and fitness goals. Their overarching belief is that our bodies are our greatest asset and must be protected. 

As far as fitness gyms in Scottsdale go, Maximum Fitness is one of the more casual fitness centers in Scottsdale with a very open, approachable vibe. If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey and you’re looking for a chill, stress-free place where you can go fully at your own pace, we recommend Maximum Fitness.


  1. 16,000 sq. feet of Dedicated Gym/Fitness Space
  2. Personal Trainers


  • Lock Rooms + Shower Rooms
  • Cardio Training Area, including:
    • Upright Bikes
    • Ellipticals
    • Step Mills
    • Arm Bikes
    • Stair Masters
    • Four (4) large HD LCD TVs
  • Resistance & Machine Area, including:
    • Hammer Strength Machines
    • Life Fitness Machines
    • Paramount Machines
    • Five Cable Cross Over Machines
    • Leg Presses
    • Leg Extensions
  • Boxing Area, including:
    • Speed Bags
    • Uppercut Bags
    • Ground & Pound Bags
    • Funnel Bags
    • “Bob” Dummies
    • Focus Mitts
    • Fairtex Kicking Bags
  • Free Weight Area, including:
    • Four (4) Squat Cages
    • Elevated Deadlift Platform
    • Fixed Straight & Kinked Bars
    • Dumbbell Benches
    • Barbell Benches
    • Trap and Safety Bars

Membership Plans:

  1. Free One-Week Pass
  2. More information available upon request

6. Camelback CrossFit

Camelback CrossFit Scottsdale Gym

Unlike the others listed here, Camelback Crossfit is not a general fitness gym in Scottsdale. As the name suggests, it is a strength and conditioning fitness center in Scottsdale that teaches, offers, and promotes fitness through CrossFit.

CrossFit is a functional fitness method that incorporates cardio and endurance, weightlifting, and gymnastics/flexibility. Each exercise is tailored to suit or supplement the following. They’re varied, high-intensity sessions that align with Camelback CrossFit’s health and fitness philosophy, which is that CrossFit “is for everyone.”

Camelback CrossFit believes that you can make CrossFit work for you regardless of your level, your capabilities, and where you are on your fitness journey. They also believe that fitness is a lifestyle choice—not just a New Year’s Resolution or a weight-loss challenge. They pride themselves on their friendly, experienced CrossFit coaches, fully customizable fitness plans/workout routines, and positive, like-minded community.


  1. CrossFit Trainers
  2. CrossFit Training:
    • Strength & Conditioning
    • Fitness & Cardio
    • Flexibility & Rest
    • Health & Nutrition
  3. CrossFit Classes for Beginners


  • State-of-the-art Dedicated Gym Space/Facility
  • State-of-the-art Dedicated Gym Equipment

Membership Plans:

  • Monthly Unlimited Membership
  • Monthly Family Membership

7. Independence Gym

Independence Gym Scottsdale Gym

Independence Gym is another community-centric fitness gym in Scottsdale that encourages fitness success through common goals and shared unconditional support. They’re marketed as an “advanced” gym, with pictures (and a general vibe) that contribute to this overall impression. However, Independence Gym encourages first-timers and curious newcomers to not feel intimidated or discouraged by this. 

Their simple answer? Everyone has to start somewhere. They’d like to think that their space encourages motivation and camaraderie, and the sense of being with a community—or, as they put it, a fitness family—is what keeps their members coming back.

Independence Gym believes that all their members share one common goal, which is to get a little better every day. By continuing to foster a community that believes in holistic fitness—where your body affects your confidence, your confidence affects your attitude, your attitude affects your mentality, your mentality affects your body—they hope that more people will feel inspired to start and commit to their journey. 

They want people to understand that they aren’t just about fitness; they’re about creating better versions.


  1. State-of-the-art Dedicated Gym Space/Facility
  2. Personal Trainers


  • 40-yard Turf
  • State-of-the-art Gym Equipment, including:
    • Three (3) Olympic Platforms
    • Vertical Leg Press
    • Stairmaster Hitmill X
    • Pit Shark (belt squat machine)

Membership Plans:

Information available upon request

8. The Body Lab

The Body Lab Scottsdale Gym

If you prefer celebrity workouts or you’ve a vested interest in Pilates (and all its variations), you might want to check out The Body Lab in Desert Ridge and Scottsdale, Arizona. Specializing in “Lagree Fitness,” which is the reported “regime of choice” by Hollywood’s elite, The Body Lab offers 50-minute total-body workout sessions that are intense, shirt-drenching, and take place largely on a patented piece of equipment called the MegaFormer.

Lagree Fitness uses slow and controlled movements paired with constant tension to completely exhaust your slow-twitch muscle fibers. Guaranteed to burn an average of 600 calories per class, Lagree Fitness also keeps your metabolism running fast 20 to 24 hours after. It’s generally designed for all fitness levels, so you should have no problems jumping in and trying a class for yourself, especially since there are so many variations and modifications available.

And don’t worry about getting bored or plateauing. The Body Lab has designed their classes to always be different and never predictable making it one of the best fitness clubs in Scottsdale.


  1. MegaFormer Pilates+
  2. Cardio Blast
  3. Private Training


  • Dedicated Workout Space
  • MegaFormer machine/per member

Membership Plans:

  1. Monthly Membership
  2. Session Pack
  3. Month to Month Membership
  4. Private Training: One-on-One Private Sessions
  5. Private Training: Semi-Private Sessions

9. Eat the Frog Fitness

Aside from the unusual (but definitely attention-grabbing!) name, Eat the Frog Fitness also offers a new, fairly unheard of approach to fitness. Founded by Olympic Decathlon Gold & Silver Medalist Bryan Clay (who also earned the title, “World’s Greatest Athlete” during the Beijing Olympics in 2008), this fitness gym in Scottsdale is a 24-hour technology-infused training studio that utilizes pre- and post-fitness evaluations, athletic-based Periodization Training, and certified science-based workout programs to get people in the best shape of their lives. 

Together with Thrive Community Fitness Founder/CEO Joe Culver, Clay brought Eat the Frog Fitness (or ETF Fitness) to life. Why the name? Well, as Mark Twain said it; “Eat a live frog first thing every morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

Clay and Culver have modeled their fitness center in Scottsdale  to directly address society’s age-old propensity of putting off fitness. “Your ‘frog’ is your biggest, hardest task of the day,” Clay explains. At Eat the Frog Fitness, you are encouraged to face your fitness regime head-on instead of putting it off for another time.


  1. Live & Virtual 24-Hour Access to Training Studio
  2. Personalized Small Group Training Model
  3. Pre- & Post- Fitness Evaluations
  4. Athletic-Based Periodization Training
  5. Fitness App
  6. Corporate Wellness Program


  • Technology-Infused Training Studio
  • Dedicated Gym/Workout Equipment

Membership Plans:

  1. First Session Free
  2. Information available upon request 

10. TruHit Fitness

Unlike other fitness gyms in Scottsdale, TruHit Fitness offers a completely guided, all-classes approach to getting in shape. Called Fit Camp Classes, these are group workouts designed to make building strength and burning calories fun. They’re optimized for all fitness levels and promise an enjoyable yet challenging experience for anybody and everybody.

TruHit Fitness also pairs functional, full-body workouts with their own in-house nutrition coaching. They offer meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and more to help members get their food and nutrition in line with their goals. 

Other notable products—that will definitely suit the busy moms and single parents—include their Kids Care service (with guarantees that all staff involved are friendly and CPR-certified) and TruHit Virtual. The latter is an online portal full of at-home workouts that all studio members can access—and perform—when they can’t make it to the gym. It’s also ideal for people who don’t live near a TruHit studio but want to try their classes. This virtual membership option utilizes HIIT workouts that require little to no equipment.


  1. Kids Care (select studios)
  2. Fit Camp Classes:
    • HIIT
    • Circuit Training
    • Functional Training
  3. Nutrition Coaching
  4. TruHit Virtual
  5. 21 Day Transformation Challenge


  • Dedicated Workout Space
  • Dedicated Workout Equipment

Membership Plans:

  1. 21 Days for $21
  2. Unlimited Membership (monthly pay)
  3. 1 Year Membership (paid in full)
  4. 8 Classes/Month
  5. 10 Class Pass

11. Orangetheory Fitness Scottsdale

Orange-theory Fitness Scottsdale Gym

One of the few dozen technology-tracked and coach-inspired fitness gyms in Scottsdale, Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) stands out by promising “science-backed fitness” and proudly telling potential members to not “expect routine gym workouts.” People can expect personalized results from a team of passionate, experienced individuals with an undeniable love for fitness. Their hour-long HIIT class incorporates cardio, indoor rowers, weight training blocks, and floor exercises—all designed with a fun, vibrant twist to keep attendees motivated.

The OTF Scottsdale Team aims to achieve three things with their “Orange Family:”

  1. Results you can feel
  2. Results that can be guaranteed
  3. A positive fitness experience

Orangetheory Fitness claims that their 60-minute sessions are unlike any other that you’ve tried before. Their total-body workout was specifically designed for all participants to feel successful after one class, regardless of pace, fitness level, or personal goals. They also encourage people to listen to their bodies and do the workout at a pace that suits them. And, according to their website, they have options and variations for everyone making one of the ideal gyms for personal training in Scottsdale.


  1. Orangetheory Fitness Workout Class
  2. OTbeat Wearables


  • OTF Signature Orange Lighting (for energy)
  • Treadmills
  • Bikes
  • Striders
  • Rowers
  • Weight Room
  • Lockers
  • Restrooms
  • Showers

Membership Plans:

  • Orange Premier Unlimited Classes
    • Includes Discounted Family Add-Ons
  • Orange Elite 8 Classes/Month
    • Includes Additional Sessions at Discounted Rate
    • Includes Discounted Family Add-Ons
  • Orange Basic 4 Classes/Month

Membership Benefits:

  • Online/Mobile Booking
  • 30-Day Cancellation
  • Freeze Privileges
  • Month-to-Month Contract

12. BODI

BODI Scottsdale Gym

Owned by Nike Master Trainer Nikki Metzger and sports and conditioning specialist Nick Metzger, the BODI fitness center in Scottsdale adopts an old but reliable approach to fitness; don’t stop until you reach your goal. Their primary products are their two signature classes: SWEAT and STRENGTH.

“Sweat” is a classic HIIT workout that is 70% cardio and 30% strength. It’s best for individuals who want a balanced workout that focuses a little more on stamina, losing weight, toning up, and getting lean. “Strength” is a full-body conditioning class that follows the HIIT formula, with 70% strength and 30% cardio. This class is great for people who want to work on muscle definition, build functional strength, and feel shredded.

BODI promises to help all members feel “strong, empowered, and unstoppable” regardless of their fitness levels and capabilities. Knowing that people have different goals and different approaches, they have designed their space and environment to accommodate for these differences. Overall, when people join BODI, they’ll find a supportive community working out in an intuitive, fitness-optimized atmosphere.


  1. Sweat Classes
  2. Strength Classes
  3. Boxing Classes
  4. Specialty Workouts:
    1. Canal
    2. Stadiums
    3. Track + Run
  5. 12 Week Accountability Program
  6. 8 Week BODI Mama Program
  7. Assessments, Meal Plans + Macros
  8. Home Workouts
  9. BODI Nutrition Guide eBook (by BODI Trainer Madison)
  10. Let’s Whipp Something Up eBook (by BODI Trainer Sarah)


  • Dedicated Workout Space
  • Dedicated Workout Equipment

Membership Plans:

  1. Unlimited Monthly
  2. Unlimited Annual
  3. Annual Paid in Full
  4. 1 Drop In
  5. 5 Drop In Package
  6. 10 Drop In Package
  7. 1 Week Trial
  8. First Class

13. Mountainside Fitness


Mountainside Fitness is one of the leading franchise fitness gyms in Scottsdale, AZ—and they take this reputation seriously. Their state-of-the-art fitness center in Scottsdale is stocked with high-end workout equipment and headed by certified industry professionals allows them to offer everything anyone could possibly need on their fitness journey. 

Their (impressive) list of amenities include thousands of pounds in free weights, an indoor basketball court, free WiFi throughout the club, and a fully-equipped functional training area—just to name a few. From group fitness classes to specialized cycling studios, there’s definitely something for everyone here.

Mountainside Fitness also strives to make fitness convenient. They offer more than 80 group fitness classes a week to accommodate for all sorts of schedules, from working mothers to stressed college students. What’s more, all their classes—be it yoga, cycling, or circuit training—are headed by certified instructors with years’ of experience and credentials. Try out their spin classes in the morning, afternoon, or evening, or get heart rate up with some early-morning Zumba or Tabata. 

Whatever you’re looking for, Mountainside Fitness is sure to have a class that suits your taste and lifestyle.

Ready to try them out but not sure if you want to commit? Here’s one last notable product that sets them apart: a 7-day Free Trial Pass, downloadable from their website. You can definitely try out Mountainside Fitness for yourself for a week, risk-free.


  1. Fitness 101 Classes
  2. Complimentary Fitness Consultation
  3. Classes:
    • Yoga
    • Cycle
    • Spin
    • Group X
    • TRX
  4. Personal Training
  5. Workshops
  6. M Kids Childcare
  7. Physical Therapy


  • Cardio Equipment with Entertainment Systems
  • Functional Training Area with Rogue Fitness Racks
  • 10,000 lbs. of Free Weights
  • Specialized Cycle Studio, Group X & TRX
  • Free WiFi
  • Free Towels
  • Full Service Locker Rooms
  • Indoor Basketball Court
  • Strength Equipment
  • Sauna & Steam Rooms
  • MCafe Smoothie Bar
  • Executive Lockers

Membership Plans:

  1. Premium Plus (12 Months)
    • Individual
    • Couple
    • Families
  2. Premium (6 Months)
    • Individual
    • Couple
    • Families
  3. Month to Month
    • Individual
    • Couple
    • Families
  4. 7-Day Free Trial

14. Planet Fitness


Planet Fitness also refers to itself as “The Judgment Free Zone.” That self-appointed title alone makes it one of the fitness gyms in Scottsdale worth checking out, but this franchise has more to offer than just a safe space to workout (and not feel self-conscious while doing so). Planet Fitness is a standard, state-of-the-art gym that offers members unlimited access to the dedicated workout area and equipment. 

They also have friendly, knowledgeable staff on-site and plenty of cool benefits for their elite PF Black Card members (massage chairs? Tanning stations? Yes, please!)

One of their most popular offers is their Free Fitness Training. And if you think it’s only available for first-time Planet Fitness goers, you’d be wrong. Called [email protected], regular members can sign up for this free fitness training—and all the programs that come with it—as often as they want. Simply sign up for a Design Your Own Program session through the PF mobile app, the website page, or stop by the club’s front desk. This will give you your own customized workout plan. 

Alternatively, you can participate in a small group fitness class (yes, free of charge) or try Planet Fitness’s 30-minute express circuit.

Planet Fitness strives to provide a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for anyone and everyone looking to get fit, healthy, and happy by working out.


  1. Unlimited Club Access
  2. Free Fitness Training
  3. PF Black Card Holder Benefits:
    • HydroMassage Beds
    • Tanning Stations
    • Total Body Enhancement All-Natural Red & Infrared Light Therapy Treatment
    • Massage Chairs
    • PF Black Card T-Shirt
    • Worldwide Access to All 2,000+ Planet Fitness Locations


  • State-of-the-art Dedicated Gym/Workout Space
  • State-of-the-art Dedicated Gym/Workout Equipment
  • WiFi

Membership Plans:

  1. PF Black Card (includes Monthly Dues & Annual Fee)
  2. Classic (includes Monthly Dues & Annual Fee)

15. DC Ranch Village Health Club & Spa

The Village Health Clubs & Spas are one of the more exclusive health clubs in Scottsdale for people who might find the concept of muscle gyms and specialized workout studios a little too intimidating. Marketed as “premier healthy lifestyle clubs” with locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Chandler, The Village Health Clubs & Spas is 82,000 square feet of safe, comfortable space where members can get fit or get pampered. It’s an all-in-one experience that puts your health, happiness, and comfort as a top priority.

According to their website, The Village is so much more than a gym. It’s a lifestyle.

Their location in Scottsdale is called the DC Ranch. Here, you’ll find plenty of high-end amenities to give you a varied, all-inclusive workout. They have Group Fitness options for those who prefer working out with their friends, fully-equipped facilities for those who have a particular inclination towards sports, and personal training options for those who need one-on-one guidance.

And once you’re done with the fitness aspect of your DC Ranch stay, why not head on over to the Spa/Salon station? As the name suggests, all Village branches offer health spa services; perfect for some gentle, relaxing pampering after an intense workout session. Some of their service offers include professional massages, facials, professional waxing, and even nail care packages.


  1. Group Fitness Classes:
    • Pilates
    • Yoga
  2. Keep Up Your Fitness Online Classes, including:
    • Yoga
    • Yoga Core
    • Zumba
    • Household Upper Body Workout
    • Kickboxing
    • Chair Only Leg Workout
  3. MYZONE MZ-3 Wearable
  4. Fitness Classes:
    • Personal Training
    • Kinesis
    • Gainey Crossfit
    • Nutrition
  5. Spa/Salon Services, including:
    • Massage
    • Body Care
    • Facials
    • Waxing
    • Hair Salon Services
    • Nail Salon Services
  6. Sports & Fitness Club Activities, including:
    • Aquatics
    • Basketball
    • Golf
    • Tennis
    • Triathlon
    • Squash


  • Dedicated Workout Area for:
    • Group Fitness
    • Fitness Classes
    • Personal Training Sessions
  • Spa/Salon Area
  • Sports Courts/Areas
  • Sports Equipment
  • DC Ranch Veranda Cafe


  1. Single Village Club Membership
  2. Couple Village Club Membership
  3. Family Village Club Membership
  4. Single Village Choice Membership
  5. Couple Village Choice Membership
  6. Family Village Choice Membership

16. EoS Fitness


EoS stands for “Energy. Optimum Value. Serious Fitness.” Perfect for people who are driven by motivation, willpower, and a burning need to crush their goals, EoS Fitness is all about achievements, triumphs, and overcoming limitations. They prefer a more simple and straightforward approach to fitness; no overcomplicated equipment, no thousand-day workout plans, no fluff. Just you and the EoS community going at it, no holds barred. They say it quite aptly on their website: “Because fitness never quits, and neither do you.”

If that description alone resonates quite deeply with you, then we definitely recommend checking them out. They have fully-functional training areas, dedicated gym space, dedicated classrooms and studios, and pretty close-knit community of like-minded individuals. 

Other great products include their own merch line—clothes, supplements, accessories, you name it—60+ classes a week, and a neat 7-Day Pass for you to try them for yourself, risk-free. They’re big on inclusivity, too: EoS is one of the best state-of-the-art health clubs in Scottsdale with three budget-friendly membership options to suit almost anybody’s range.


  1. Group Classes
  2. Personal Training
  3. At Home Workouts
  4. HydroMassage
  5. Towel Service
  6. Fitness Unchained: Team Training
  7. Fun House: Kids’ Club


  • Cutting-Edge Strength Equipment
  • Cardio Machines with Entertainment Systems
  • The Yard: Turf Functional Training Area
  • Workout Classrooms/Studios
  • Serenity Studio
  • Basketball Court
  • MOVIes Cinema Cardio Room
  • The Backyard: Outdoor Workout Area
  • Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Sauna
  • Steam Room


  • Free 7-Day Trial
  • Information available upon request


There you have it; 16 incredible, unique, and state-of-the-art fitness gyms in Scottsdale, AZ. Everyone’s needs and abilities are different, which is why there is no one-size-fits-all formula to getting in shape. Thankfully, these 16 fitness centers, studios, and gyms seem to understand that and have made adjustments accordingly.

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