Top 9 Best Hormone Therapy Providers in Gilbert

Hormones are largely responsible for our normal bodily functions. Puberty, sex and reproduction may seem more obvious, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Since they are so instrumental in such a wide range of areas, imbalances can be frustrating or even devastating. Fortunately, hormone imbalance isn’t a terribly uncommon problem, so hormone therapy is being offered at naturopathic practices and med spas across the country, even right in Gilbert, Arizona!

This is fantastic news in terms of accessibility and availability! That said, it can cause a bit of decision paralysis when you look at all of your options, especially since it’s such an important treatment.

That’s why I’m here to help you out! To make sure you have a solid place to start narrowing down your choices, here are the top 9 best hormone therapy providers in Gilbert!

Balance Hormone Center

Focus: Hormone Imbalance

Balance Hormone Center is a hormone therapy provider in Gilbert, AZ

Practices who mainly provide hormone treatments and services may not serve as a staple for all of your concerns, but their focus guarantees experience and expertise. If this approach is what you are looking for, Balance Hormone Center could be a good choice.

As mentioned, hormones are a major part of our bodily functions, and an imbalance can deeply impact our daily lives. This isn’t just true for older individuals or a specific gender, either; they affect everyone.

This is why even though Balance Hormone Center has a specific focus on hormone treatments, they don’t restrict their patient demographic by only serving, say, men’s concerns or geriatric needs. If you believe (or know) your problems are hormone-related, they’re here to help!

The doctors on staff are all thoroughly educated and experienced in the area of hormone therapy. There are five dedicated nurses and physicians at this practice, so you can also feel comfort in knowing that you have several experienced minds to pick through regarding your situation.

Though hormones are their specialty, they also offer:

  • Primary care
  • Acne treatments
  • Facial fillers
  • Hair removal
  • Tattoo removal
  • Lip fillers
  • And more

If you are looking for a smaller practice that focuses on hormones for all demographics, be sure to include Balance Hormone Center in your options.

Ageless Men’s Health

Focus: Men’s Hormones

Ageless Men's Health is a hormone therapy provider in Gilbert, AZ

On the other side of the spectrum, sometimes a practice that does specifically focus on particular demographics can give you peace of mind. If that’s the case (and men’s hormones are that specific area), Ageless Men’s Health Testosterone Replacement is a great choice.

Testosterone is an incredibly important hormone in both men and women, but (as you may have guessed) it is noticeably more critical in men’s sex characteristics and behavior.

It’s important to note that sex characteristics aren’t just about sex and reproduction, so even if that area isn’t a concern for you, you may still benefit from testosterone replacement. Hair growth, muscle development, energy and other areas are also directly linked to proper testosterone levels.

Ageless Men’s Health has 40 offices across the country (including Gilbert, AZ), so if you are looking for a practice that is part of a bigger group, you’ve found it! Even if you typically like smaller, more localized providers, there is a comfort in knowing that your care is coming from approved staff, treatments and approaches on a larger scale.

Some of the areas that can be addressed here include:

  • Low testosterone
  • Weight management
  • Skin care
  • General advice and consultation

Every man is different, so sometimes it’s good to find a practice like Ageless Men’s Health that specializes in men’s unique needs.

Infinity Health and Wellness

Focus: Wide Reach

Infinity Health & Wellness is a hormone therapy provider in Gilbert, AZ

Sometimes, patients feel comfortable with a practice that reaches a wide range of demographics. If you are one of these patients, then Infinity Health & Wellness may be worth looking into.

This practice prides themselves on their ability to offer quality, individualized care to a variety of different patients, a quality that many other practices struggle to truly find balance with.

This means that they offer unique care not only to a maximized range of patients with different ages, genders and other backgrounds, but also that they are able to treat a variety of different issues. This is especially important when it comes to things like hormones since they can be the root of many different things.

Medical Director Jason Bond takes pride in his approach, one that is centered on compassion and humility. He particularly has experience with men’s health, but Infinity is able to treat a variety of different patients.

The main areas that Infinity treats include:

  • Hormone replacement
  • Medical weight loss
  • IV therapy
  • Primary care
  • Vaginal rejuvenation 

If you want a practice that can guarantee experience with a wide range of different patients and concerns, be sure to look into Infinity Health & Wellness.

San Tan Natural Medicine

Focus: Chronic Disease

San Tan is a hormone therapy provider in Gilbert, AZ

Treatments like hormone therapy and chronic disease remedies can feel incredibly personal to each patient, so having a practice that provides you true comfort is important. This is why at San Tan Natural Medicine, they strive to treat every patient like family.

This kind of approach is fantastic when it comes to long-term relationships with a practice. Not only will you feel comfortable in coming for the duration of your hormone treatment, you will also likely feel at ease with any other necessary treatments or services in the future.

Not to mention, this is particularly important with sensitive and personal areas like hormonal concerns. As mentioned, the personal nature to this type of treatment makes comfort an absolute necessity.

The team at San Tan uses cutting edge technology combined with the best traditional medicine to make sure you are getting both innovation and reliability. Plus, they also have an individualized approach to make sure everything is tailored to you specifically.

Just a few of the issues they can help with include:

  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Hormonal imbalances (testosterone, thyroid, adrenals and more)
  • Allergies
  • Infertility
  • Menopause
  • And more

For a personal approach to your chronic conditions, definitely add San Tan Natural Medicine to your options.

OSPI (Orthopedic and Sports Performance Institute)

Focus: Sports Performance

OSPI is a hormone therapy provider in Gilbert, AZ

If you’re specifically looking for hormone assistance regarding your body’s athletic performance, you may want a specialist in this area. Fortunately, this is exactly where OSPI thrives.

Sports medicine is a critical part of healthy and active lifestyles for many individuals, especially if they are experiencing imbalances or deficiencies in areas that make it difficult to get through their standard routines.

Whether this is through a treatment like hormone therapy or something more geared towards pain management, OSPI can help. This is great news if you are looking for care in addition to your hormone treatments as well!

The founders at OSPI passionately believe that something as personal as an individual’s athletic performance deserves and requires individualized care, so you can rest assured knowing that you won’t be receiving a one-size-fits-all approach!

Some of the treatments offered in addition to hormone therapy include:

  • Bracing
  • Chiropractic
  • CrossFit
  • Medical weight loss
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain management
  • And more

To make sure you are truly making the most out of your body’s athletic abilities, be sure to look into practices like OSPI.

The Rejuvenation Clinic

Focus: Bio-Identical Hormones

The Rejuvenation Clinic is a hormone therapy provider in Gilbert, AZ

It’s definitely possible that you’ve heard about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in juxtaposition with standard synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

The gist is that bio-identical hormones are designed to be chemically identical to the natural hormones produced by your body. While both bio-identical and synthetic treatments are shown to be safe and effective, the comfort of natural chemical makeup is very important to many patients.

Plus, bio-identical hormones are a logical way to help balance your hormones in a sustainable way as they will easily integrate into your system. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to me or really any qualified physician – we’re happy to help!

Rose Schmidt, RN, is the board-certified nurse practitioner at The Rejuvenation Clinic. She specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, so her experience ensures that you are in good hands.

Aside from BIHRT, they also offer:

  • IV therapy
  • Thyroid insufficiency therapy
  • Weight management
  • Discretionary medical visits

One of the many great practices for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is The Rejuvenation Clinic, so be sure to check them out as you make your decision!

Atlas Health Medical Group

Focus: Naturopathic Medicine

Atlas Health is a hormone therapy provider in Gilbert, AZ

Another great center for naturopathic care is Atlas Health Medical Group. It’s important to make sure you keep track of the great naturopathic options in your area since they offer so much beyond just hormone therapy treatments!

If you took interest in the concept of bio-identical hormone treatments, you’re in luck! This is also the approach that Atlas takes to their hormone replacement therapy, so you get to expand your options in this area.

Atlas helps with a variety of hormonal concerns in both men and women, making them an excellent choice across the board. They have particular experience in the area of menopause as well, so if this your reason for seeking out hormone replacement therapy, they are a good resource.

Dr. Dylan Krueger and Dr. Michelle Barraza are both qualified and talented naturopathic doctors with a passion for the care they provide. Dr. Krueger most specializes in pain management while Dr. Barraza is your go-to for primary care, women’s medicine and treatment of autoimmune diseases.

In addition to hormone treatments, Atlas also offers:

  • Pain management
  • Nutrient IV therapy
  • Primary care
  • Detox
  • PRP
  • Stem cell therapy
  • And more

To add to your list of naturopathic care options, be sure to look into Atlas Health Medical Group.

Ghent MD

Focus: Integrative Health

Ghent MD is a hormone therapy provider in Gilbert, AZ

As you’ll have heard me mention many times before, integrative healthcare is growing in popularity for a number of reasons. If you want that incorporated into your hormone treatments, then Ghent MD is a good practice to add to your list.

Integrative care is great for people first being introduced to the concept of alternative medicine since it also combines traditional practices, so you won’t have to worry about any sudden changes that you might need to adjust to.

That said, even if you are comfortable with naturopathic doctors and other alternative treatments, there is always something positive to gain from taking a “best of both worlds” approach, even though naturopathic care has been growing in popularity and effectiveness.

Anthony Aghenta, founder and MD, is committed to the community of Gilbert, Arizona. To deliver on this commitment, Ghent MD delivers high-quality individualized treatments that cater to the root of the problem rather than just the symptoms.

Aside from hormone replacement therapy, they also offer:

  • Aesthetic treatments
  • IV therapy
  • PRP therapy
  • Pain management
  • Primary care
  • Weight management
  • And more

 If you are looking for integrative medicine that has your specific needs and circumstances in mind, definitely consider Ghent MD.

Natural Med Doc

Focus: Making you Look & Feel Young Again

Natural Med Doc is a hormone therapy provider in Scottsalde, AZ

Natural Med Doc physician Dr. Sarah Bennett (that’s me!) is a certified naturopathic doctor operating out of a med spa and naturopathic practice near Gilbert, Arizona.

I am driven and inspired by balancing med spa interests and concerns and naturopathic solutions to help provide the best, individualized care for everything from hormonal problems to aesthetic needs.

By applying my knowledge of neuroscience to the aesthetic services I provide, I am able to not only helps you look young again through…

  • Botox
  • Dysport
  • Vi chemical peels
  • Dermal fillers
  • Lip fillers

…but also feel young again with

The best part? You will always get to work directly with me! My schedule fills up pretty quickly, but I make sure to dedicate adequate time to free consultations that will help me determine the best treatment plans for you.

Book a consultation today so that I can help you directly!

Click here to book a free consultation today! 

If you are looking for a range of services like hormone therapy performed by a knowledgeable, naturopathic physician near you in Gilbert, Arizona, this is a fantastic opportunity!

In Summary

There are so many great practices that offer hormone therapy, so why wait any longer?

You’ve already made a great first step by doing your homework and researching different practices in your area so that you can make the most informed decisions.

To help you get started with your choices in Gilbert, Arizona, here are some of the best options:

  • Balance Hormone Center
  • Ageless Men’s Health
  • Infinity Health & Wellness
  • San Tan Natural Medicine
  • OSPI
  • The Rejuvenation Clinic
  • Atlas Health Medical Group
  • Ghent MD
  • Natural Med Doc

Take the step to boost your confidence and improve your life today! Look into fantastic treatments like hormone therapy right near you in Gilbert, Arizona. What areas are you hoping hormone therapy can help?



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Hello, my name is Dr. Sarah Bennett, NMD! I am a naturopathic physician licensed in the state of Arizona currently practicing at my office in Scottsdale, AZ. I received my degree from South West College of Naturopathic Medicine, did a year residency at Keystone Natural Family medicine, and received additional training for aesthetics & anti-aging at National Laser Institute. My passion and fascination for natural medicine began during my undergraduate studies at Indiana State University where I was majoring in neuroscience. I saw how a preventative approach could help you live a long and youthful life. Since then I have dedicated my life to serving others understand the latest medical trends. I spend my spare time running, hiking, rock climbing, camping, testing out new diets, and reading books on latest medical trends / listening to podcasts to find the latest nuggets of knowledge to improve the quality of life for my patients. I look forward to serving you!

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