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Sara Cruz
Sara Cruz
14:12 05 Mar 23
I have been going to see Dr Ibarra for two and a half years. The doctors here truly care about your health and use natural remedies to resolve any health issues, finally a place where they do not want to just push medicine down your body. Friendly and caring staff. I love and feel very comfortable with the care I am getting. Finally Doctors who show they care and have your best health interest in mind.
Elizabeth Cicogni
Elizabeth Cicogni
01:10 04 Jan 23
Dr. Ibarra has been awesome. She really listens to the issues I have been having and discusses the best approach. I love that they do blood work before making any changes as well as ask if anything you’re personally doing has changed. She takes everything into account before jumping into anything new.I have been going to conventional doctors for my thyroid and they ALL HAVE IGNORED ME AND MY SYMPTOMS! I am now on better medication and am feeling soooo much better. I know that I can trust her moving forward to HAVE MY BEST HEALTH INTEREST. It feel awesome to have someone who actually cares about helping YOU GET BETTER!!!Thank you Dr. Ibarra and all your staff.
Heather Warnat
Heather Warnat
11:23 20 Nov 22
For more than 20 years, I have been telling several doctors that I don’t feel like myself; that I was in constant fear of the intense pain (and other factors I won’t mention which have landed me in the hospital more than once) during my cycle.I told them how I experienced bouts of extreme, inexplicable weight gain (40-50 pounds in mere months), and I was feeling like there was constant pressure around my throat.Most of those doctors from my past said I was fine and just overly stressed from work, school, etc. Two doctors said it was all in my head. Most ignored my symptoms and never even ran tests. The few that ran tests prescribed medicine that didn’t work, then didn’t pursue other solutions.Dr. Ibarra recognized what was happening during my very first visit, where she found something suspicious. A few ultrasounds later (which no other doctor bothered to perform), it’s obvious that something is not right and hasn’t been right for a very long time; years…. decades, even. She even questioned whether I had mentioned the same symptoms to other, past medical professionals, and seemed frustrated they had done nothing sufficient on my behalf.She immediately put me on some medication that alleviated my most severe symptoms. For the first time in my life, I can go through my cycle and actually function like a normal human, not call in sick to work, not down Midol like they’re TicTacs, and most importantly, not wind up in the hospital.Further treatment is still necessary for me to achieve optimal health, but I’m hopeful. I’m feeling more like myself every day, and Dr. Ibarra is giving me my life back.
17:24 01 Nov 22
I would like to thank both Dr. Ibarra and Marily.Dr. Ibarra is an incredible listener. She heard, understood, and is helping to solve my challenges. She has impeccable “bedside” manner’s. I am most grateful to have her advising me along my journey to better health and overall well-being.Second, I can’t say enough about Marily! I am known to be a super tough stick, when it comes to drawing my blood. I just left my second blood draw and both times she got it in one stick! Yay!!! I was able to remain relaxed for this second go around because I had the comfort of knowing she nailed it the first time. I appreciate her gentle and kind approach. Way to go, Marily!!! You’ve removed my anxieties about getting my blood drawn. blood
New Chapter Cinema
New Chapter Cinema
23:30 10 May 22
I’m actually really liking this place. The ladies at the front desk are super friendly and remember you by name! (we have had some great chats) The blood drawn is smooth and Dr. Ibarra is so personable. The labs came back and made a lot of sense. Since being with them I’ve been able to get off my anxiety meds daily which is so great for me.Now onto finding the root cause of this anxiety … update coming soon!
Jose James
Jose James
01:01 23 Mar 22
Absolutely recommend. Extremely happy and satisfied with results. For months I’ve been suffering with multiple health issues. Dr. Ibarra first got to the bottom of the majority of them, caused by food allergies. Next, she prescribed peptides which fixed my hormone levels. I’m at the gym every day now, packing on lean muscle mass at the same rate I did when I was 17 and bodybuilding. You know it works when everyone’s comment is, “What are you taking!?”
Frederic Lacarriere
Frederic Lacarriere
20:25 22 Oct 21
I went to get blood drawn and I was feeling really bad from the fasting and especially the no coffee but Marily did a wonderful job. I did not feel a thing. I have had my share of bad blood draw before and this one was the best to date. Looking forward to work with Dr Ibarra towards good health. I need it.
Luzi Watson
Luzi Watson
14:28 08 Oct 21
My life is changed! I had been feeling just off since the pandemic first started. I gained weight, lost all my energy, started having focus/concentration issues, and had 0 energy due to my insomnia. I first went and saw a general practitioner who wanted to prescribe me a bunch of different prescriptions to just (for lack of better explanation) mask the issues I was experiencing. I knew my issues were deeper and thankfully I found Dr. Nallely Ibarra. She took the time to truly understand my concerns, listen to my issues, and work with me to hear my symptoms and resolve the with a natural solution. Her guidance and understanding of how my body works, responds to treatment, and how to make the necessary changes to feel incredible from the inside and out, WORK! I will be forever grateful. I now have my energy back, my focus is better than ever, I am starting to lose the pandemic weight and overall I feel alive again and as cheesy as that might sound. I feel like I’m living, and not just existing. This place in the real deal.
Morgan Instone
Morgan Instone
18:53 29 Jul 21
Before going to Dr. Ibarra my hormones were way out of whack, I had terrible cramping, irregular menstrual cycles, and some thyroid issues. Over the course of a few months my hormones have fallen into a more ideal range, cycles became regular, and cramping is hardly noticeable! My thyroid levels have come up which improved my energy and mood as well.For unknown reasons I started getting terrible migraines 1-2 times per week, which Dr. Ibarra helped reduce almost immediately. Initially they spaced out to every few weeks and now I know how to stop one as soon as I feel it coming on.I couldn’t recommend a better doctor or practice. Dr. Ibarra truly cares about her patients’ concerns, wants to know about your life in all aspects, and spends as much time with you as you need. I’m grateful to be her patient and strongly recommend booking an appointment with her.
Gina Giordano
Gina Giordano
02:52 27 May 21
I recently moved to Phoenix and wanted to get my health on track.  I researched several Dr offices in the area and decided to make an appointment with Dr Ibarra.  So happy with my decision.  With Dr Ibarra’s guidance, we worked to get my blood work results in a healthy range with supplements, exercise and better nutritional choices.  Thank you to Dr Ibarra!
Kahea Like
Kahea Like
17:06 08 May 21
Thankful that I saw the ad for Natural Med Doc. I have literally tried everything else and seen multiple specialists to no avail. I saw Dr. Ibarra about a month ago and she prescribed supplements to help me based on my blood work. She also suggested a change in diet and exercise. I just finished my second checkup and my most of my numbers came into normal range in just a month!!! I worked hard and followed the guidance given and I’m getting results. I have much more energy I don’t have to take a nap every day either. Thank you Natural Med Doc!!!
CorChelle M
CorChelle M
23:44 15 Apr 21
My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Ibarra for a few months now. She is great at going over your health, making sure you really understand your numbers. She even draws pictures😀. She has helped with many of our health conditions, and look forward to our continued care. If you been everywhere else and not getting “answers”. Here with Dr. Ibarra you will!
Colin White
Colin White
23:27 15 Apr 21
It’s been awesome working with Dr. Ibarra on my health: I started off going to Natural Med Doc because I’m in my 30s and for years I was tired and had low energy, and just wasn’t feeling good in general. I had seen multiple primary care doctors and for the most part they would tell me I just need to eat better and exercise and leave it at that. I even was told that I’m just lazy.When I started going to Dr. Ibarra, she ordered an array of labs to get a full picture and we found that my hormones, blood sugar, and multiple other factors were all out of whack. So by the 2nd appointment I was on hormone therapy, and she had a customized plan in place to get me back on track. I’d say within 2 weeks I felt better, had more energy, less anxiety, and just a better outlook on the day. She continues to tweak the plan after each visit to work on optimizing my body chemistry and also to tailor my plan to help with any specifics I want to work on. Recently, she suggested a 14-day cleanse that I agreed to try and, to my surprise, I was able to eat real food. Because of this, I was able to stick to it, lost 16lbs in 14 days and immediately felt benefits of less bloating and better sleep. After the 14 days I had more labs done and found that my bad cholesterol and triglycerides all significantly decreased just by eating differently and doing absolutely no exercise. I’m still a work in progress but I’m confident I’ll get to where I want to be health wise with the help of Dr. Ibarra.
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About Dr. Nallely Ibarra, NMD

Dr. Ibarra is a naturopathic primary care physician. She received her medical degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and B.S. in Human Nutrition from Arizona State University. 

She has experience with both conventional and naturopathic medicine. In addition, she speaks fluent Spanish. 

Through her own healing journey, Dr. Ibarra brings a wealth of knowledge in gastrointestinal conditions such as IBS and SIBO.

Additional focus includes thyroid health, anxiety, and hormone balancing. She is passionate about helping her patients find and overcome the obstacles in their health.  

She spends her spare time hanging out with her twin sister, outdoors, serving at her local church,  learning Portuguese, and reading the latest medical trends and dietary protocols to assist her patients’ health.

What Dr. Ibarra Helps With...

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Weight Loss


Brain Fog


Low Libido


Hot Flashes

Panic Attacks



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Dr. Ibarra Publications & Videos...

healing the gut after sibo

Healing the Gut After SIBO

This article is a continuation of this article  Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a gastrointestinal diagnosis given to about 20% of the global population. However, it is estimated that 60-80% of these patients actually suffer from Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).  SIBO is an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine.  These bacteria ferment the food

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Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO): A Common Cause of Serious Digestive Dysfunction

What is Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth or SIBO?   Did you know that approximately 20% of the world population have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?  IBS is the number one gastrointestinal complaint in the world. (1)  Those with IBS commonly suffer from abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea (or alternating), and indigestion.  IBS is actually a

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Most frequent questions and answers

Unfortunately, we do not know any other naturopathic doctors in Arizona that take insurance and deliver the same quality of care we do. We are a cash-based medical practice that goes above and beyond for each patient. This has allowed us to get better results and solve unwanted health symptoms that many patients have been dealing with for decades. Cost varies based on the patient’s needs.

*Please Note: We do accept HSA cards. 

Yes, we are able to run labs through your insurance. We also offer affordable cash-based labs.

Yes, weight loss is one of the primary areas we help with. Unlike traditional weight loss programs our strategy is based on data from your bloodwork.

There can be multiple things that can be causing you to gain weight. We will pinpoint what it is and develop a plan to reach your health goals.  

Naturopathic Medical Doctors (NMDs) have training in conventional medicine and natural therapeutics. Naturopathic Doctors attend federally-accredited 4-year post-graduate level medical schools and are trained in the same medical sciences and treatment options as Medical Doctors (MDs). This includes pharmaceuticals, imaging, labs, and so on.
Naturopathic physicians are often known to run more labs than conventional doctors. This is because naturopathic medicine treats problems and concerns based on a stricter lab reference range known as the optimal range.
This optimal range is based on research showing improvement not only in symptoms but in disease prevention in the first place. By taking this approach, naturopathic physicians are able to dig deeper to the root causes of a problem and help you find sustainable solutions.
The human body is very complex. Hence why our traditional cookie cutter medical system leaves millions of individuals with health concerns.
This is also most likely why you are reaching out to us today.
Therefore, we can’t guarantee results since what works for someone may not necessarily work for you.
However, we can promise you that the care we provide you WILL NOT be the same care we provide someone else. We provide personalized medical attention using the latest research and trends that exists. We encourage you to watch some of our videos and/or read some of our blog articles to better understand how our doctors think. 
We pride ourselves on offering premium medical care that gets results. Cost varies based on patient needs. 
For additional information on our cost and process please book a free consultation by clicking here
Additional pricing and information will be emailed to you.