METHYLENE BLUE | Anti-Aging Therapy


IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is available for established patients only and requires physician approval after purchase. If you are interested, please purchase the product, and your physician will review your request. In the unlikely event, your request is denied, you will receive a full refund within 3-5 business days.

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Benefits May Include: 

  • Improve Cognitive Function and Memory
  • Delay the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Improve Energy
  • Increase Longevity and Health-Span

Brief Overview: 

Methylene blue (MB), is a bioactive substance and a blue dye. It was FDA approved for its treatment of methemoglobinemia but has been used for decades for a variety of purposes. One of the major purposes in anti-aging is sirtuin (signaling proteins) activation. Sirtuin activation is now being seen as one of the major ways to increase health-span.

In clinical trials, we see that Methylene Blue treatment can help activate sirtuins. In one trial it increased NAD(+)/NADH ratio in hepatocytes, up-regulated SIRT1, and thereby decreased PGC-1α acetylation. In addition, hepatic mitochondrial DNA contents and oxygen consumption rates were enhanced. Some researchers believe that it can also directly improve cellular and mitochondrial function and decrease the production of proteins linked to Alzheimer’s. It helps with dementia and has a host of other benefits in addition to dementia help. It is also being studied for its potential to inhibit monoamine oxidase (MAO), nitric oxide (NO) synthase, and guanylate cyclase

Clinical References:

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