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2022 April Newsletter - Issue 3

Before we fully delve into this month’s topic, let me preface that SIBO is not treated by every doctor. This is because SIBO is still an emerging diagnosis in the conventional arena.

In fact, to my surprise, after discussing SIBO with one of my osteopathic medical doctor colleagues, I came to find out this was not a condition taught at her medical school. To this day I am shocked that other medical schools are omitting research documented conditions from their criteria!

While this condition is taught to naturopathic medical students, it is best treated by a physician that has extensive knowledge on this topic, as SIBO is often stubborn to treat and can even become chronic. 

Fortunately, throughout the treatment process, there are many therapies that can provide symptom relief. Although I learned about this condition throughout my medical school training, I began to dive deep into this subject after my own SIBO diagnosis in the beginning of 2020.