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Feel better in as little as 6 weeks. We help patients with hypothyroidism, PCOS, hormonal imbalance, fibromyalgia, nutrient deficiencies, acne, weight gain, diabetes, and more.

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What's Included:

Onboarding Appointments:
45 Min New Patient Appointment
90 Min Line by Line Lab Review
Comprehensive Treatment Protocol
Ongoing Care:
As Prescribed Doctor Consults (up to 8)
Direct Messages to Your Provider
Our App: Custom Fitness Video Programs, Nutrition Recipes, Health Guides, and More.

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knowledgeable and caring doctors.
Dr. Springhetti was so patient and kind at my appointments! She was very thorough when she went through my labs. The detail and examples helped me to understand not only what they meant but what I can do to make them better.I asked a lot of questions about supplements, nutrition, lifestyle, etc. and she was patient, understanding and helpful! At the conclusion of my appointment I had a plan of action to take home with me.As a result of my visit and the suggestions from Dr. Springhetti and I find that I have more energy in the morning. I have reduced some of my supplements (yay!), and my focus is better through the day. Thank you!I look forward to my next visit with Dr. Springhetti!
Love the staff here. I am a different person for the better because of their expertise!
Dr. Ibarra is a great listener and has a wonderful bedside manner. She genuinely wants to help her patients to improve their health concerns.
Dr. Ibarra is amazing. She listens to what I have to say. She's always positive even when I didn't do my best. She's always there to help guide me in the right direction. She helped me with my PCOS when conventional doctors just always wanted to "fix" it with birth control not looking for why I was having prolonged periods or missing periods and actually solve the problems. Within 10 months I found out I'm expecting my first baby at 35. Without her help in getting my body healthier I believe this would have never happened. The office staff is always super friendly, sweet, and helpful. Thank you all 💗
I love this place they are so helpful and amazing at detail!!!
Dr. Springhetti is so kind, personable, and informative. She thoroughly explained my blood work, included notes and diagrams on my labs (for my convenience), and she provided me with a treatment plan that felt doable. She answered all of my questions and addressed all of my health concerns.She showed me how my hormones and thyroid impact my body and mind. She never offered or tried to talk me into going on birth control to regulate my hormones or tried to prescribe me something that only masked my health concerns.Her treatment plan was outlined in a way that would work with my current lifestyle with important changes that I could make without having to drastically change my life. She gave me her opinion on which supplements, medications, and lifestyle changes I should start now and which ones we could discuss implementing in the future, if needed.I really liked that she presented me with all of the information, gave her opinion on a treatment plan, and let me decide how much I could take on to start. She really tried to work with me on a treatment plan that will benefit me and would realistically stick.
I've been with NMD for a while now and feel like I am truly listened to. My latest labs are always meticulously explained. Plausible solutions and treatments are given to address my health concerns. My well being is their only concern. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment and change your life!
I was very comfortable in my visit to Nat Med today. Dr. Richardson is very knowledgeable and covered everything.
Absolutely love Natural med doc! Everyone is so nice and the service is exceptional! Dr. Bennett is so nice and professional and is an amazing doctor!
I am so thankful I found natural med doctor when I did. I was at such a low point with my hormones as well as my energy level and my moods were not able to be kept to where I would like them. Also was having issues with my intimacy levels I didn't want to be touched or even cuddled. Since I have been with them for the last 9 months to a year it's all changed I can love a very fun enjoyable lifestyle with my little family. My hormones are stable my moods are stable and I'm able to enjoy every day that I wake up. Also, my intimacy levels with my spouse have changed and im able to cuddle and be more comfortable in my own skin now to be more romantic with my spouse! I would recommend this place to anyone who wants a more natural way of doing things and that are struggling with modern medicine.
I am very happy with how I feel and how drastically better my lab stats are now. My triclycerides were very high and within a short time they have come way down. Dr Bennett changed my thyroid meds so that I am taking much less, and I feel much better- no heart palpitations. Also, I am so less tired. Dr Bennett is so very nice and caring & most importantly knowledgeable and extremely helpful!!I will continue with this practice as the protocol is working!!
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What To Expect When You Join


Meet Your Provider

Schedule 45 minute consult with your provider to discuss your concerns. From there, we order a customized lab panel to pinpoint the root cause of your issues.


Set Your Baseline

Have 90-min line by line lab review and develop a customized treatment protocol using supplements, lifestyle changes, pointed prescription use, and diet.


Ongoing Treatment

Continue to meet with your provider every 2-3 months for additional accountability and lab testing.

Everything You Need To Resolve Your Concerns


Your concierge medical doctor provides 45-min data-driven consults.

Receive line by line comprehensive lab reviews on a quarterly basis to help navigate your treatment protocol based on your individual needs.

Get prescriptions for hormones, peptides, thyroid medication, and more.

Questions? Send direct messages to your provider in between appointments.

NMD App & Community

Training programs, meal plans, & hundreds of resources at your finger tips.

Track nutrition, habits, fitness, sleep, and access hundreds of resources immediately.

Recipes based on your diet protocols, on-demand fitness video training programs based on your fitness level, and educational resources.

Join challenges, facebook group, and more!

Designed To Be Better In Every Way

All providers trained in both Conventional & Naturopathic Care
Optimal Lab Refrence Range NOT Insurance Codes
Health Coach (Personal trainer / nutritionist)
Prescribed Treatments Mailed to Your Door
Flexible follow-ups & adjustments, until you feel better
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The average primary care visit lasts 18 minutes. Dozens of lab markers have likely never been tested. No wonder you still don't feel good.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Do you take insurance? Are Labs Covered?

We pride ourselves on offering premium and customized care. We do not know any other clinics that take insurance and deliver the same quality of care we do. We are a cash-based medical practice that goes above and beyond for each patient. This has allowed us to get better results and solve unwanted health symptoms that many patients have been dealing with for decades.

Labs can be run through your private commercial insurance. Your out-of-pocket cost varies based on your deductible, out-of-pocket, and out-of-network benefits. We also offer affordable cash-based labs.

*Please Note: We do accept HSA & FSA cards.

Where do sessions take place?

Doctor visits are online or in person at our office in Scottsdale, AZ.  We currently have medical licensing for Arizona & Washington state. If you live outside those states, we must see you in person at our office every 12 months to continue treatment.

Who are Naturopathic Doctors?

Naturopathic Medical Doctors (NMDs) have training in conventional medicine and natural therapeutics. Naturopathic Doctors attend federally-accredited 4-year post-graduate level medical schools and are trained in the same medical sciences and treatment options as Medical Doctors (MDs). This includes pharmaceuticals, imaging, labs, and so on.

Naturopathic physicians are often known to run more labs than conventional doctors. This is because naturopathic medicine treats problems and concerns based on a stricter lab reference range known as the optimal range.

This optimal range is based on research showing improvement not only in symptoms but in disease prevention in the first place. By taking this approach, naturopathic physicians are able to dig deeper into the root causes of a problem and help you find sustainable solutions.

Do You Have a Guarantee?

Yes. For whatever reason you decide after your 1st appointment with your doctor that we are not the right fit we will refund you in full! We ensure you are satisfied.

Who Is This Practice For? Who Is It Not For?

Natural Med Doc is for individuals experiencing unwanted health concerns such as low energy, unexplained weight gain, anxiety, digestive issues, brain fog, and more. We are also for patients looking to optimize their state through bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, cutting-edge peptides, and help slow aging. Our patients range from their late teenagers to 80+ years of age.

Natural Med Doc is NOT for children under the age of 16 or patients who are currently diagnosed with cancer. If you would like a referral please give us a call and we would be more then happy to help guide you in the right direction.

How Do You Get Such Great Results?

Natural Med Doc achieves consistent results by hiring top-rated providers & health coaches, providing world-class ongoing training for our providers & health coaches, following a data-driven approach, and ensuring we take the time to listen, understand, and educate our patients on what is going on in their bodies.

Many patients go to the doctor and they tell you x level is off and to take x pill with no idea why. In addition, many doctors treat based on outdated protocols.

Natural Med Doc is consistently revisiting our treatment plans for patients who suffer from anxiety, low energy, unexplained weight gain, hypothyroidism, PCOS, hormonal imbalance, fibromyalgia, nutrient deficiencies, and more.

We have documented and cited, and each doctor follows a research-backed process to resolve patients' symptoms.

Still not sure if we have the process that is right for you? Head on over to our blog articles and get a glimpse of how our doctors think & treat.

Questions On How We Treat Patients? Click Here to See Treatment FAQs.

What Happens After Payment?

After payment you will be redirected to schedule an onboarding call with a health advisor. On this call, the health advisor will learn more about your health concerns, find the optimal provider, get you set up with our online portal, and schedule your first appointment.

100% Guarantee

For whatever reason you decide after your 1st appointment with your doctor that we are not the right fit we will refund you in full! We guarantee you will satisfied with our care.

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